Need someone professional who can provide:


Whether you are assisting a client with:

Divorce settlements

Shareholder buyouts

Minority shareholders


We can provide you with a valuation report that is completely independent, backed with supporting documents, facts and figures. Ensuring your client’s matter can be dealt with effectively.

Estate agents

If you have a business  that needs to be sold and is unsure of the valuation or just need to provide prospective buyers documentation with regards to the business. Contact us for a valuation report suited for your needs.

Insurance brokers

Business woman showing insurance document over white desk at office

Whether you are assisting a client with:

Buy and sell agreement

Estate planning

Key man’s insurance

Life cover

We can help ensure that your client gets the right cover. Over / under valuations can lead to nasty tax surprises and we therefor ensure that our valuation is market related. 

We value long term relationships and can also provide standing valuation services to ensure that as your clients business grows, his business valuation keeps track thereof.

What is our process?

1. Book a FREE consultation / Complete our FREE Basic valuation

2. Discuss your due dilligence needs

3. Quote preparation

4. Sign Non Disclosure Agreement / Collect information

5. Prepare and discuss valuation report

6. Value added services

Our value added services include:

Tax planning

Legal advisory services

Legal document drafting (shareholders / BBBEE / purchase agreements etc)

Trust / Company registrations

Estate planning

Succession planning


Our valuation reports is suited for any business type and size and we can customize the level of detail within the report to suit your requirements and budget.
Contact us now to ensure your wealth is protected.