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Who we are

Our firm gives you access to chartered accountants, tax experts and lawyers with more than 13 years of experience. Our focus is to provide small and medium sized businesses access to business valuations and business plans that are of high quality, relevant to South African markets and most importantly affordable. We honor ourselves in being professional and independent.

Business Valuations

We use a combination of valuation methods suitable for the South African market to value your business. We also have unique insights into the South African market with over 13 years of experience working with small and medium business. This translate to more accurate valuations and advice.

Our value proposition

  • We have a team of chartered accountants that help make sense of the business, check facts and figures and ensure all risks are identified.
  • We have tax experts that can assist with all tax related queries, planning and strategies.
  • We have lawyers that will make sure all the legal work is done properly and that there are no loopholes.

We will assist you every step of the way!

  • Want to get a ballpark figure of what your business is worth? Why not complete our FREE basic valuation form and we will email you your valuation results.

Business plans

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We help you create beautiful business plans supported by facts, figures and current market research. A business plan is a systematic overview of a business which gives the reader a detailed overview of a business.

Our value proposition

  • Quick and professional services
  • Access to knowledge base (makes funding easier)
  • Deep understanding of business processes / risks
  • Strong accounting / legal background

 A business plan is an inflection point between a business idea and business reality. Let us help you make your business a reality. See our business plan page for more details.