Are you selling your business because of:

Then we can assist you every step of the way. We have a team of chartered accountants and lawyers to ensure that you get:

Independent valuation

Legally compliant

Realistic market value

Based on the South African market

Tax compliant

Confidentiality of data

The 6 Why’s when selling your business

Why do you need an independent valuation?

Owners tend to overestimate their business value as they are emotionally attached to the business creating an emotional barrier to the deal. We provide an independent valuation by combining our expertise and your facts and figures. This gives confidence to third parties as to the accuracy of the data and report.

Why do you need it to be legally compliant?

Valuations and the transactions that follows is given effect to by a variety of agreements and contracts. If these legal documents is not correct, owners can suffer big losses and even face litigation. Rather have our legal team on your side and ensure you are on the right side of the law.

Why do you need a realistic market value?

Having a realistic market value ensures that there is interest from buyers and that a deal can be struck within a reasonable time. Selling a business for more / under market value could trigger unintended taxes like donations tax. We ensure that our valuation report is realistic and can withstand any scrutiny from third parties or SARS.

Why do you need the valuation report be based on South African data?

Using valuation methods and ratios from other countries which has different market structures, risks etc leaves you open to value mismatches. This can lead to an over / under estimation of value. We have years of experience in the South African market which we apply in making our valuations.

Why do you need to take into account tax compliance?

As any sale of a business trigger taxes, structuring the deal as tax efficiently as possible is a must. Taxes could take up to 50% of any profits realised, thus reducing your actual cash in pocket. We are registered tax practitioners and assist with calculating the tax implications of any sales as well as helping to implement strategies to reduce these taxes.

Why do you need confidentiality?

Your business is unique and has a lot of business “intellectual property” locked up within its structures and with the new POPI act, confidentiality is at the forefront of compliance. We ensure that your information and data is protected and handled in terms of legislation, giving you peace of mind.

How does our process work?

Our value added services include:

Tax planning

Legal advisory services

Legal document drafting (shareholders / BBBEE / purchase agreements etc)

Trust / Company registrations

Estate planning

Succession planning


We provide affordable and professional valuation services for any business size, we can customize the level of detail within our valuation reports to suit your requirements and budget.
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