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We offer professional and affordable business plans to help you:

Set goals

Present to investors

Determine feasibility

Apply for funding

Goal setting

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Compiling a business plan will help you set goals with measurable outcomes increasing the likelihood of your success. Being a business owner is all about managing risks and implementing counter measures to reduce risks. A business plan is one of the best tools for a business owner in reducing risks.

Did you know?
60% of businesses that fail, the owners did not have a business plan which stipulated their product or service, gave a breakdown of the business’s strengths and weaknesses, projected cash flows and target markets?

Investor Pitch deck

What is the number 1 concern of an investor? The risk involved linked to their investment in your business. In other words what is the risk / reward ratio applicable to investing in your business. A business plan is the only way for investors to determine what risks are involved in investing in your company. A properly compiled business plan will help reduce investors risk assessment, making it easier to obtain investments.

Did you know?

50% of investors cites lack of details the biggest reason for not investing in a business.

Feasibility of business

You have a great idea but need to validate if it could be turned into a profitable business. Not all great ideas will succeed, and before you spend thousands or millions of Rands on the idea, rather compile a detailed business plan which breaks down your idea into actionable goals and budgets to see if your idea is feasible, what your breakeven point is, start-up capital requirement is etc.

Did you know?

80% of new business fail within the first 3 years and the most common reason is that owners underestimated the capital costs in starting the business and thereafter the running costs.

Funding application

It does not matter where you apply for funding, the first requirement they will have is for you to submit a business plan with cash flow projections. Ensuring your business plan is the best, will increase your success fivefold.

Did you know?

Only 20% of all applications for funding get approved. The number 1 reason for not succeeding is the business plan was sub-standard.

Sample Business Plans

Our offer

We offer professional and affordable business plans that helps you:

Increase your chance of success

Comply with investor expectations

Fulfill all funding requirements

Look professional compiled, setting you above the rest

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