As the saying goes, the only thing certain in life is death and taxes.

As a business owner you have built up an successful business by mitigating risks, acting on opportunity and implementing business plans and strategy . Planning for death or the sale of your business should always form part of a business owner’s long term strategy.

We can assist you in:

Determining your current tax liability in event of death or sale of the business

Implementing tax strategies to reduce your tax liability

Ensuring the succession of your business after death is smooth

Calculating cash flow requirements in event of death to enable your business to continue operating.

Increasing your business saleability to prospective buyers without causing additional tax liabilities.

Ensuring you don’t pay 50% of any proceeds when selling your business to SARS

Did you know the following taxes are applicable :

 On date of deathSelling your business
Estate dutyx
Capital gains tax
Donations tax

Planning for taxes is not only smart thing to do, it is essential if you intend to maximize your wealth.

What is our process?

1. Book a FREE consultation / Complete our FREE Basic valuation

2. Discuss your due dilligence needs

3. Quote preparation

4. Sign Non Disclosure Agreement / Collect information

5. Prepare and discuss valuation report

6. Value added services

Our value added services include:

Tax planning

Legal advisory services

Legal document drafting (shareholders / BBBEE / purchase agreements etc)

Trust / Company registrations

Estate planning

Succession planning


Our valuation reports is suited for any business type and size and we can customize the level of detail within the report to suit your requirements and budget.
Contact us now to ensure your wealth is protected.

They helped me transfer all my assets to trusts, leaving me with a small estate and the comfort that my assets are protected. Thabo – Camps Bay

They help me calculate what the tax implications where if I were to retire and sell my business. They gave actionable advice, saving me a lot on taxes. Gerhard – Nelspruit

My life cover was not enough to provide for cash flow in my estate. They helped me calculate what would be sufficient to ensure that my business would survive in the event of death. Jaxon - Centurion

I did not know SARS are going to take so much of the sales price, luckily they helped me before I sold my business. Sara – Pretoria