Let us help you do your due diligence to ensure that:

You don't overpay

You get the best deal

Significant risks are identified and quantified

Growth opportunities reviewed

Facts and figures are realistic

Tax compliance is up to date

Legally compliant Statutory requirements are in place

Did you know 60% of buyers suffer from buyer’s remorse within a year of purchasing a new business. Biggest reasons cited includes:

Information provided was not complete / manipulated

There was hidden risks not disclosed for example expiry dates on products / employee benefits etc.

Tax liabilities

Inflated assumptions used in the valuation

Over paying

We ensure that you get what you pay for.

You will get affordable and professional service by our team of chartered accountants and lawyers. Ensuring you can make a better decision and thereby protecting your capital investment.

What is our process?

1. Book a FREE consultation / Complete our FREE Basic valuation

2. Discuss your due dilligence needs

3. Quote preparation

4. Sign Non Disclosure Agreement / Collect information

5. Prepare and discuss valuation report

6. Value added services

We provide affordable and professional valuation services for any business size, we can customize the level of detail within our valuation reports to suit your requirements and budget.
Getting your business valued is as easy as completing this form.

Our value added services include:

Tax planning

Legal advisory services

Legal document drafting (shareholders / BBBEE / purchase agreements etc)

Trust / Company registrations

Estate planning

Succession planning


Our valuation reports is suited for any business type and size and we can customize the level of detail within the report to suit your requirements and budget.
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