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    Our basic valuation is based on 3 proven methods in the South African context which gives a very accurate valuation. These 3 methods are taken from the perspective of an employee versus owner, an investor and an entrepreneur. The 3 methods are:

    1. Extra Earning Potential

    This method calculates what the reward / profits are for an owner in reward for the investment / risk taken in running the business, compared to just being the manager of the business and putting his investment in a bank.

    2. Return on Investment

    This method calculates what the value are for an investor whom don’t want to be necessarily be involved in the day to day running of the business. An investor who is looking for a certain % return for their investment.

    3. Payback period

    This method calculates the value for an entrepreneur who would like to be hands on in the business taking into account how quick an entrepreneur could repay their investment.